Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Since getting back from vacation last week I've been having a hard time finding the 'ooomph' to blog. Just like any habit, if I've fallen out of the routine of blogging every night, then it is hard to pull myself back into the groove. Plus, (in addition to being pregnant/exhausted 24x7) there are three other things going on that I think are contributing to my bloglessness. The first is that this week is Winter Break at Kyle and Owen's school and that throws a huge wrench into our whole rhythm (Alex is babysitting all day on T and Th, but I'm home with the boys all day on M,W,F of this week). 2nd is that Braydon and I seem to be going through some sort of sudden nesting instinct-- the sudden cumpulsion to re-arrange the entire house, re-do whole rooms, clean out closets and cabinets, etc., etc., etc. We did this for 8 months straight while we were waiting/nesting for the boys, but up until this week we had done almost nothing in preparation for "Baby Sister." Something about the final countdown of entering the 3rd trimester has suddenly seemed to prompt us into a frenetic-nest-'till-you-drop mode. That is taking up a lot of the time that I'd normally sit down to post to the blog. Lastly -- and most importantly -- we are in a terrible predicament that contributes greatly to me being an uninspired blogger: our camera died. We don't know what happened, it just stopped working all of a sudden. We're in the process of trying to get it looked at. In the meantime, we're totally camera-less, which means half of our blog material is just plain obsolete right now. So, hang in there with us folks as we make our way through this blog-bump-in-the-road.

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