Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quote of the Day

Tonight after dinner we were all upstairs getting the boys ready for bed. They both had to go "poopie in the potty" at exactly the same time (this happens a lot with them). Very regularly they'll both pee together in one potty at the same time. But when it comes to poopie they have to split up. So, Owen was on the potty in the boys' bathroom and Kyle was on the potty in Braydon and I's bathroom. While we were waiting for them, Braydon and I were cleaning and neatening and sorting in the boys' bedrooms. I quietly entered my bedroom to head into the bathroom to check on Kyle. As I got within earshot I could here Kyle talking to himself while sitting on the potty (Kyle talks virtually non-stop for every waking hour whether in the presence of others or not). I could hear him in there, all alone, chit chatting away. Before reaching the bathroom I stopped to listen in on him and this is what I heard:
"I love my baby! I love my baby! I love Baby Sister, I love Baby Sister, I love Baby Sister! And she needs to come out of that big big belly!" And then very loudly, "Mommy come wipe my butt!"


Anonymous said...

that is classic! i love it.. hang in there and make sure you make a little time for YOU!


Sophie's Mom said...

Out of the mouths of babes... that's funny!

Mrs. Baker said...

I just found your blog....LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

I am totally adding you and will keep following!!!!!!!!!

Malia'sMama said...

Oh my God! Hysterical!! :)