Monday, February 25, 2008


A Notice to Our Readers
Given our state of camera-less-ness I will be digging deep into the photo archives until further notice. I have a few relatively recent pics to post in the coming days, but after that it is going to be all old shots folks. We have no way to know when (or even if) our camera will be able to be fixed, so the archives are just going to have to do. We might be able to use our cell phone cameras from time to time but those are bad photos at best. Sadly, for those of you interested in Baby Sister's progress, we have no way to photographically document the here and now. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences this may cause you.
Cameraless in Blogland


Our Peeps! said...

Oh, you need to go purchase a disposable camera at least for Baby Sister's pictures! She will be so sad in years to come if her documented progress came to a hault ~~~ and, so will all your blog fans!


Jess said...

I recall a posted pic from Alex's cel phone, and thinking "wow, her phone takes good pix." Make sure your email is in her phone, and ask her to become the documentarian!

Heather, it was great to see you in NY. :-)

Ema said...

This is a pretty EXTREME way of avoiding the baby bump pics. . .:)


Heather said...

Colleen- don't worry, we'll definitely figure something out by the time the baby is born! I was referring to the shots of my expanding *BELLY* when I made that comment in the post! LOL! And yes, Michele-- you're right, my thoughts exactly... this is a pretty EXTREME way of avoiding the baby bump pics!!! LOL! See--- someone up there *is* looking out for me!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-0

Anonymous said...

Cameras are cheap compared to memories--please don't stay camera-less!