Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Three Year Old Twin Boys

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. They suddenly really like wearing these crazy 'wigs' and when they wear them they proudly say, "We're CRAZY BOYS!!!", and they act crazy (even crazier than usual... just let your imagination run wild and you'll get a good mental picture). As a result, we find metallic strips of blue and red tinsel stuff all over the house... which is really annoying. They are so wild and so crazy.
And at the same time they are so incredibly lovey. It is quite a charismatic combination of personality traits to have. Some of their latest lovey-dovey phrases are:
"Mommy/Papi, I loooove you sooooo much."
"You are the best Mommy/Papi in the whole world!"
"Mommy/Papi, you are my special girl/boy."
"Mommy/Papi, I need my love tank filled. I need a hug. Will you fill my love tank?"
Owen has taken to lots of self-initiated kissing -- i.e., at random moments of the day he impromptu starts silently kissing Braydon or I all over our faces over and over and over and over, very passionately.
And Kyle has taken to saying the following (while cuddled up on my lap, caressing my face and hair with his hands):
"I love you my Mommy. Look at your beautiful skin. And look at your beautiful hair. And look at your beautiful eyes. I am so glad you are my mommy. I love you so." (so sweet-- and so transparent-- I've been saying this exact phrase to him repeatedly for the past three years; lovey boy.)
Then in the next moment they'll be running around like little maniacs jumping on furniture and climbing up bookshelves and sliding down banisters and screaming nonsense at the tops of their lungs. Times two. They drive our poor cat crazy, they break things, they make messes like you wouldn't believe, they do stuff they know they shouldn't do, often. And when they act in concert, using their twinship against us, double-teaming and third-wheeling us, conspiring together to undermine us, they can quickly and easily make us feel like we're seriously losing our minds (which is pretty regularly). They push our buttons and challenge our patience. And then in the next minute they melt our hearts so that we're a love-struck gooey mess desperate to give them the world. They are absolutely charming and absolutely exhausting all at the same time. They are three year old twin boys.


Susy Q said...

What adorable, silly little boys!!

Cindy from central NC said...

And they are awesome. I've really been enjoying your posts, lately, Heather. You are such a great storyteller. How do remember their exact quotes so well....

I've not stopped-by to say "hi" in a long time but have still been thinking of you. Hope all is well and hope you can keep all the craziness at bay as much as possible.

I OWE you very excellent recipes.

Take care and big HUGS,

haze said...

Three year old twin boys wrapped tightly around your 20 fingers. I love hearing about your loving family. Obviously, you are both doing a wonderful job. :-)

The Tall Frys & Small Frys said...

Live and love on, K & O! It's a blessing just read of the crazy fun and crazy love they are giving out to their mommy & papi.
Love to you all,