Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Countdown Has Officially Begun

Baby Sister's E.T.A. is exactly 12 weeks from today. The anticipation is building. The To-Do List is long. And things are really starting to heat up and go into full gear at the Johnson-McCormick Family Homestead. I hope that in 12 weeks I'll be able to confidently say, "Bring it on!!!" But right now all I can think of to say is, "Eeks!"


Story of our Life said...

:-) Yeah!!

i'm thinking in about 6-10 weeks you will be saying "enough already...bring it on". With my daughter it was that way. I was way over being pregnant. She was my first (we had adopted C - 1 yr earlier who was 4.5 at the time). She attempted to 'bring it on" 6 weeks early. My doc had other plans for her.

My 2nd baby...decided 10 weeks early to bring it on. doc had other plans for him.

Mother's Day will definately be a great one this year in your household!!!

Tim & Sarah said...

In 12 weeks, you will be so ready to not be pregnant, that ready or not, you will be saying bring it on, PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

YES!!! We cannot wait to meet her. We are all so excited for the whole family! Zoe is so excited about it being a GIRL!!! She asked me if Ky & Owen will share their sister with her??? (not that she has any problems tackling the boys in the chuck e cheese parking lot -- ha ha ha!)

Lori & crew

Anonymous said...

Awhile ago you listed your favorite children's books, and said you could provide a list of board books, including ones with black characters, that the boys liked when they were younger. With Baby Sister on the horizon, could you maybe list those books as you unpack them? Thanks!

Bek said...

Ummm... our baby sister is due in 4 weeks from today and my list is still long.

Just tonight I turned to my husband and said something to the effect of "we will find the car seat in the move right? I will just buy a few outfits and the hospital will give us diapers". That is how ready we are for her.

Jacob slept for three weeks in a laundry basket. Clearly, preparation is not my thing.... (you should show me your list.. and I can copy it!)

Troy & Tara Livesay Family said...

Congrats again ... counting down is both exciting and unnerving. I know it too well. I will be thinking of you often.... and tossing prayers heavenward for you all.