Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Photos of the Day

Lately, whenever I pull my hair into a ponytail, K & O want their hair in ponytails too. This morning Braydon left the house before the rest of us were awake to head into the city for a meeting... (although he was just in NYC Kyle was convinced that "Papi was on an airplane"???--but that is a whole other story)... Anyway, I had to drive the boys to school. Although they wear their hair in ponytails around the house a lot, today was the first day that they were insistent on wearing the ponytails to school. They specifically both chose orange ponytail elastics so that they would have "match to match ponytails!" They were proud to show off their hair to anyone who would pay attention in the Acorn Room this morning. It was quite a scene. ;)
P.S. Thanks to Mrs. Peterson (I know you're reading!!!) for K & O's favorite socks of all time!!!


Christine said...

Too cute! They sure love each other.

dusobrown said...

My 11yo son regularly wears his dreadlocs pulled back into a ponytail. His are about shoulder length so they are in his face otherwise. Most of the adult men we know/see with locs also wear it pulled back frequently. K O seem to have more of a topknot, but its adorable on them.

ManyBlessings said...

Hehehe...darn cute!!!

Heather said...

"Dusobrown"-- I've never seen you comment here before-- thanks for writing. I love people who have sons with locs!!! :) Before I cut K & O's hair in November, their locs were almost shoulder length and would fit in a 'real' ponytail. I loved the look of it. They'd wear it like that quite a bit -- especially around the house. Although the 'topknots' look cute, I sure do miss those full ponytails (although I don't miss the maintance it was requiring to take care of that long dredded hair!!!!!). ;) Do you have a blog? I'd like to show K & O your son because we never run into young *BOYS* with full locs (except when we're in the Caribbean!).

Ani said...

I am sure they caused quite a stir in pre-school :) I love those pics, they are such happy boys!