Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Week (or Two!) in Review

Crocus Blooming In Our Front Garden

Yesterday and today I've posted a ton to try to catch up on the past couple of weeks of our blog-slacker-ness. Now I'm caught up and ready to get back to regular normal blogging! I feel like the past couple of weeks have been even more intense than usual around here. We go through these spurts. It is a wild ride we're on trying to balance and juggle all that we do. Sometimes it feels totally and completely overwhelming. But we somehow always do manage to pop our heads up for air, get things back into their grooves, and life feels magical and wonderful much more often than it feels daunting. Thank goodness for that. Kyle and Owen are the lights of our lives. Baby sister is due 7 weeks from today. It is fully spring here and it feels good!

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