Friday, March 28, 2008

2 Steps Forward 1 Step Back

2 Steps Forward:
  • Owen had his post-operative appointment with Dr. Chang, our pediatric surgeon, today. Dr. Chang removed the bandages and gauze. To reveal Owen's innie!!! This was a big deal for Owen. Unfortunately there was quite a large hematoma (blood clot) under the skin around the top of the belly button. It is quite a big bump and Owen is not thrilled about that (it looks too similar to his old big 'outie'). Dr. Chang said this is simply a result of the fact that the umbilical hernia was so very large. He also assured Owen that the hematoma will go away (be absorbed back into his body), hopefully within the next week or so. He advised warm baths. So K & O had a loooong warm bath this afternoon. :) Underneath the hematoma, however, is sure enough a big indentation of an INNIE. I found that I can hold up a mirror so that Owen can see that part, and he loves it. He also is very proud to show off his "innie button" to Kyle (see photo above, taken tonight after dinner).
  • Shockingly, Kyle wanted to go to school today by himself! Owen had to stay home to go to Dr. Chang's office. Since starting school this past fall the boys have refused to go by themselves (if the other has to stay home for whatever reason). But completely on his own Kyle made the decision to go it alone today. He had a great day at school solo! A big step for Ky Ky (and for Owen)!

1 Step Back:

  • After a couple of very rough and tough weeks around here we had another rough spot last night. At about 2:00 a.m. Owen couldn't sleep and Braydon ended up getting into bed with him. At 3:00 they both awoke, covered in barf, to Owen throwing up all over the bed. From 3:00-5:00 we were up with poor Owen, who for 2 hours had a terrible ordeal (both ends). Lots of loads of laundry later, he finally fell asleep. When he woke up at a little before 7:00 he felt great and was in good spirits. He was slow all day today, mostly just weak and exhausted (no more puke). And on top of it had to be dragged into his appointment with Dr. Chang. The poor, poor little guy. We feel like we got off relatively easy (we expected it to be a 24 hour thing so we were happy when it wasn't)... but still... you'd think that at this point we'd deserve a break. Ugh. Such is our life-- it never seems to go too easy for us and there is definitely never a dull moment.


Malia'sMama said...

So much going on at the J-M household! Let's hope it's ALL good from here on out! :)

Karen Vitek said...

The hematoma will go away - tell Owen it's sort of like when you get a black and blue mark. I know from experience! Life is just more interesting when you have these kinds of days. It will even out but maybe only for a short while!