Saturday, March 29, 2008

Third in the Series: Baby Bump

Friday, March 28. 33 Weeks + 1 day prego.

I hate this picture because you can tell that: a) I have not showered, and b) I was up even more than usual the night before. Not that an 8-months-pregnant woman sleeps much any night, but that night was particularly bad. However, the photo really does show the growth of Baby Sister (click here to compare to 3.5 weeks ago). I still don't have that "beached whale" feeling that all of my friends describe re: the final weeks... but I definitely can see how that feeling is fast approaching. And just in the past 2-3 days I've started feeling some noticeable Braxton Hicks contractions (a couple of which have been so strong they've jolted me awake in the night). Baby sister is a Mover And A Shaker (nothing could make her Papi and I more proud than if she grows up to be a grown-up Mover And A Shaker)... she is all over the place in there and is virtually never in the head-down position. Here's hoping that she gets into that position soon, because her favorite 'fully-horizontal-way-up-high-in-the-uterus-pushing-into-my-ribcage-position' is definitely getting old fast. It is not comfortable for me, and getting less and less comfortable by the day. Less than 7 weeks 'till Baby Sister is due. We're crossing some things off the To Do List, but the list is massive.


Malia'sMama said...

You are a perfectly proportioned preggy lady! Do other preggy ladies hate you? :)
Hope she moves into dive position soon!

Braydon said...

Isn't she a hottie? I love it!!!

Karen Vitek said...

You look great! And I bet you don't have swollen toes, ankles and fingers! Remember when they are inside you, you always know where they are!!

TNT5150 said...

Your little one sounds just like mine. But for your sake I too hope she gets in the head down positon. I am almost 38 week pregnant and last week I had to have an external version (where they manually put the baby in the head down position). Let's just say it wasnt fun and my doctor was old school and did it with no drugs. My rib cage on the right side still hurts a week later from her noggin being pressed up against my them :(