Sunday, May 18, 2008

Status Report

We are in a holding pattern just trying to pass the time.
Still no baby!!!!


trish said...

I hope you are not too uncomfortable and can get some sleep tonight...... or baby sister arrives tonight!

Malia'sMama said...

Well, tomorrow is a holiday in Canada. If she has any Canadian sympathies, she may just wait until Tuesday, when it's business, as usual. How are you FEELING?? :)

Lindsay and Cindy said...

Hoping she makes her entrance soon!! Good Luck!!

Candis said...

When we were adopting the Peanut, we were annoyed no end with well-meaning inquiries of "When is he coming home?" When I gave birth to the two oldest (31 & 26 years ago respectively) that same question made me even more miserable. So I ain't askin'. BUT, I wanted to give a shout out to you, HBJ, and Braydon "The Man" McCormick.
I just spent the weekend sitting for my sweet nephew, who is just eight months younger than the Peanut (who will be four in June). OMG!!! Those two yelled, chased, played, fought, wrestled, tattled, and ate (and pooped) all FREAKIN' weekend. They had a blast. I am one of the walking dead. And it's not just that I'm, ahem, a little older. MY older boy was very quiet by nature. Number Two was a chatterbox, but she came along five years after #1.
The Peanut is a de facto only child. I was never accustomed to kid chaos in my home. ;-o

You deal with the loving insanity every waking minute. You guys are my role models, my heroes. Well, you and Bombay Sapphire with tonic water and a twist...


The Jabber said...

I have a good feeling about tonight!

Mark and Sarah said...

Hang in there...having just given birth in February I understand your "readiness." I was a couple days late and those days were the LONGEST days ever. Can't wait to hear your great news!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

I hope she decided to make her Grand entrance tonight to relieve you some discomfort..
Thinking of you..
Tell the boys to talk to their baby sister and tell her to come out ... they want to hold her..
Have a easy night..

Anonymous said...

Same here. We are waiting for my nieces daughter to be born (a baby sister to a 2 year old).
Hang in there.
All the best.
Kathrin Germany

Karen Vitek said...

Hope there is some movement today!

Ani said...

Hang in there - how are the twin wonder boys doing with all this wait?

laurafingerson said...

I remember marking down "Have babies" on the girls' due date. Our professional lives are so scheduled with meetings and class times -- no being late! Come on time! Lecture starts at 9:00 am! I guess Baby Sister didn't get the memo about the due date. I suppose it prepares us for parenting, which, as you know, never follows a schedule!

Good luck and Happy Waiting!