Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Status Update

The full moon has come and gone. Still no baby.


Jess said...

Argh! I was hoping it was an omen that I dreamed about you & Braydon -- your faces were on the cover of a book titled, "The Complex Lives of Complex Families."

It may be no consolation, but maybe this means that codenameJune is complimenting you on the excellent home you're already providing for her.

Good luck!!

Memphislis said...

Oh my goodness! What now? Has the doctor talked bout induction? Baby girl is comfortable in there. You're still in my prayers!

The Jabber said...

How long will they give you before the docs start talking induction?

heutehiermorgendort said...

Oh, no, still no baby!
I really cannot imagine, how you all feel... Well, 10 days overdue is the limit here in Germany. Not sure about the US though... Hoping, that she just wainted for the full moon to be over to make her debut today!

Mom to 3 said...

A strong will is good! She is showing her independence already in utero! :)

By now you will have no excuse not to be prepared when she does get here!:)

My first child was one week past the due date and my twins were a full 2 months early. The three of them showed their rebel nature in utero and it has continued to this day!

Can't wait for the pictures and the name revealing. I'm looking forward to my call from K & O :)

Anonymous said...

What I foresee from this lateness is a content, laid back baby. She (Sarah?) will hit her milestones on her own time, but when you least expect it. Did I just see her smile? Did she just take a step? (:
You'll probably wake up tonight just when you've fallen into a deep sleep with labor contractions. And being an active mom, it will most likely go fast.
Keep us posted!