Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weighing In on Braydon's Post

The preggo one here... just weighing in. Couldn't help but comment on Braydon's post from earlier today (see post below this one)...

  • #4 sounds really good to me right now. I could really really really go for some good chicken parm. But the drive to Brooklyn isn't worth it to me.
  • No offense to all of you who have gone this route but... as far as I'm concerned... #5 is absolutely positively out of the question. I'm way sore and way achy with lots of pressure 'down there.' No other comment on that. Just not going to happen. No matter what. No way Jose. Not that desperate. Not 'gonna happen. Period.
  • And re: #13 -- again, no offense to all of you who swear by it.. but... um, no. I'm having a hard enough time already with the whole concept of machine operated pumping. Yes, we have a breast pump. Yes, I plan on using it. P.B. (post birth). Braydon's read the instruction manual cover to cover. If all goes as planned I'm gonna do it - for the sake of B, K, O, and Baby Sister (I/we dearly want Papi and Big Brothers to be able to feed her)... but pumping is not happening until she's here to (hopefully) motivate me to plug in and hook up. Period.
  • My favorite question I get all the time: "Have you tried walking?" ~~ Uh, yeah. I have wild high octane just-turned-4 year old twin boys... I haven't ever stopped walking/running/jumping/pulling/grabbing/scurrying/bending/leaning/climbing/chasing!?!!!

My goal all along has been to go as natural as possible. I'm still clinging to that goal. I'm holding out as long as possible to use induction only as a last resort. Luckily I've got my doctors and my husband on my side with that. I am still hopeful that Baby Sister will come when she's ready -- in her own sweet time. And as the matriarch of this testosterone filled house... I 'gotta admit: There's a part of me that's kinda enjoying watching my three guys go nutso having to wait for this girl (who clearly has a mind of her own)! Get used to it my fellas -- I have a feeling she's 'gonna have all three of you wrapped around her pretty little finger (and waiting for/on her) for many years to come!!!!


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.. this post cracks me up!

go (try) natural -- YOU CAN DO IT BABY!!! i know you can. i believe in you 200%.

we love you and will be checking in from our vacation!!!


M & M said...

Awesome! Thanks for the "perspective" - I hear you!

Troy & Tara Livesay Family said...

You're doing GREAT Heather!

uh ... my first pregnancy - a girl - ten days "late" --- my second pregnancy (a girl) 14 days late ... and I RAN around the block on my due date. STUPID idea. It only served to make me unable to walk for three days without pain.

I am still thinking the 23rd through the 25th are the greatest possibilities.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

She will come when she wants to come...
Have a relaxing evening..

Rose Anne said...

I think you are right this little beauty just wants to keep everybody guessing!
the two of you will know when enough is enough!
Praying for you that it will be soon...
God Bless,
Rose Anne

Anonymous said...

Checking in acouple of times a day from over here I can't help but think back 51 years ago when I as a first time Mom to be kept asking my Dr. when??? and his answer always was :"when the apple is ripe it will fall" and I guess that very much says it all.My thoughts and prayers are with you all that baby sister will soon make her grand entre....Carin P.

Anonymous said...

You'll know in your heart what way to go.
I'm with you on the breast pump thing!

Jess said...

I am waiting for the "IN LABOR" post! Yes, there will be time, and your readership expects no less. ;-)
Hope you're doing well.

Karen Vitek said...

You go girls!! And she will definitely have all the boys wrapped around her completely! She'll make her grand entrance when she is good and ready. Myself when I wanted David out I went to a flea market and I prepared my favorite meal including corn on the cob, and I made sure I ate it even though I knew I was in labor. All turned out well but Victor drove like a nut to the hospital because he was sure I'd have him in the car!

Anonymous said...

lol i just heard last sunday a girl said she drank castor oil and w/in 30 min she was on her way to the hospital - sounded scary to me!


me said...

My daughter was also "late" and people say the craziest things... In addition to all the things you listed, the things people told me would induce labor included: eating pineapple, hot baths, acupressure points in my feet, yoga poses, and spicy food... I wish you all the best for a healthy, smooth birth, however that little girl enters the world.

Kristi said...

I say have that restaurant FedEx you some of that Chicken Parmesan. If nothing else you'll get a tasty meal out of the deal!