Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meera Smiles

I've been wanting to post this but haven't because I was afraid people wouldn't believe me. But yes, I do know the difference between an infant's "real smile" and an infant's "gas smile." And I know for absolute sure that my girl is smiling real smiles. She first started smiling at me when she was 2 weeks old. Over the past two weeks I've had confirmation that I'm not crazy from several people who have come to visit. But now, with my mother's affirmation (she's visiting/helping this week), I have the guts to post this. My newborn Meera Grace is smiling up a storm... and she has been since Week 2.


Mom to 3 said...

Who cares if anyone believes you?

A mother knows her own child better than anyone else. It is totally obvious when a baby smiles a real smile. My oldest daughter also started smiling at 2 weeks.

Great pictures. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

what a happy baby... she's so cute!!! the boys are so sweet too. picture perfect!