Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Terrific Twinados Tighter Than Ever

There is something about this photo that takes my breath away. And right now this photo is so perfectly symbolic somehow. For the past four weeks, since their baby sister was born, these two have stuck together like the strongest glue. These guys have always been tight -- and I mean, super cemented together tight. But in the past few weeks they've weathered quite the storm together; what a huge transition to add Baby Sister to our mix. Our dynamic has shifted; their center of gravity has tilted; our life as we knew it has been turned upside down. We've had our high's and low's these past few weeks, for sure. But these two boys have stuck it out and have done it together. Yes, they fight like cats and dogs. But they play for hours on end like the bestest of buds --- no, not even the bestest of buds can compare... they're twins of the very best variety. They are bonded like none other. If I weren't so exhausted I'd go on and on and on about it. But instead I just have to let the photo do the talking. I didn't think they could get any tighter, but my terrific twinados are tighter than ever.


Bek said...


I am so happy to see all the updates ( I don't check as often as I used to--go figure!!). I love the first bath, the smiles (I know G-dawg was smiling quite early too...not gas smiles), first DRESS!!! How fun is this?

It is also good to see you guys are pacing yourselves. You have been such comitted parents for so long, adding one more to the mix hopefully doesn't seem like too much of a shock. I love seeing the pictures of the boys with her.

I am so glad that they are adjusting well. You guys are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering.. Are you and Braydon going to do the picture infront of the tree with Kyle and Owen. Like the ones on your sidebar?

Heather said...

Dear Anonymous--
We take that picture (by the tree, the ones on the sidebar) every year at the end of August! We will definitely do it again this year! So, stay tuned! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok! I cant wait =)