Monday, June 30, 2008

Question to the Blogosphere

If you've been looking at this blog recently you'll have seen that in many photos of Meera she is sitting in a black Baby Bjorn baby chair. This was delivered to our house from Babies R Us before Meera was born. We had put it on our baby registry, so someone who loves us obviously bought it for us from there. But... there was no packing slip and no note to tell us who this is from, and I can't get the info from Babies R Us. I have asked several people who I suspected might have given it to us if they were the giver... but so far have not figured out who it is. This is a very generous gift. And, as it turns out, Meera LOVES this chair, sits in it for long stretches of time every day, and it is by far our most used baby gear item so far. If you are the generous gift giver please email me to let me know it is you so that I can send you a thank you note (I'm finally getting to the huge thank you note project)!!!!

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