Tuesday, July 01, 2008

K & O's "China Adoption"

Recently K & O have become fixated on knowing the specific countries that their friends who were adopted were adopted from. The fact that they (K & O) were adopted from Haiti is big for them/us. We talk about Haiti all the time, and they know lots of other kids ("lots" is relative and used loosely!) who were adopted from Haiti. But they have friends who were adopted from other countries too. They know that Joy Lin, for example, was adopted from China, and they talk about this a lot. They have started to recognize other Chinese kids when we're out and about and will sometimes comment that they "look just like Joy Lin!"... and have now started to comment (when the kids they see have obviously white parents with them) that the kid "must have been born in China, and adopted from China, just like Joy Lin!" The other day the boys were playing -- they set up chairs and it was "an airplane!" They were flying "to China!" The plane was "going overnight!" (thus the blankets). And they were "going to China for "an adoption!!!" They went "to the orphanage!" And "got their babies!" And brought them "all the way back to the United States!"


Beverly said...

It is funny that they go to China in their pretend play and not Haiti. Cute though.

Holli said...

so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I love pretend play!
Each of them adopted two?


Heather said...

Beverly -- They've played "Haiti Adoption" many many times! This was their first time doing China! ;)

Kathrin -- Yes, each of them adopted two!!! :)

Thanks for comments y'all!