Saturday, July 12, 2008

4th of July Weekend in Pennsylvania

Last weekend my family came for the 4th of July weekend here in Pennsylvania. It has become an annual tradition that MorMor and MorFar always come from New Hampshire for the 4th. Sometimes my sister and her family join us from Maine too -- and we are always hopeful each year that they will -- so we were were really happy that they came and we had everyone here this year! It was especially special because Auntie Stina, Uncle Tim, and Cousin Sadie met Meera for the first time on this visit. I was so happy to see my sister holding our new baby. And now Meera Grace has officially met all of the members of her immediate extended family. Other highlights of our 4th included:

  • MorMor and MorFar gave Kyle, Owen, and Sadie each a remote control motorboat to play with in the pool (HUGE HIT!!!)
  • Lots of time in the pool
  • Kyle, Owen, and Sadie's first sparklers and 'snaps' (those things you throw that make a pop when they hit the ground)
  • MorFar's dramatic fireworks display in our back yard
  • Lots of time spent by everyone holding and doting on Meera
  • A Saturday morning trip to open bounce at Bounce U
  • On Saturday night we went to Tinicum Park for the annual Riverside Symphonia "Concert Under the Stars" for our second year in a row -- picnic dinner, great concert, and awesome fireworks (in the massive crowd Meera appeared to be the only representative of the under-age-one demographic... but she never even flinched during the booming fireworks display)
  • Great food and drink with everyone pitching in
  • Stina, Tim, and Sadie left Sunday morning but MorMor and MorFar stayed an extra day... and MorFar brought K & O to their first real baseball game -- The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs!!! Braydon tagged along too, but this whole baseball thing is really a big thing for K, O, and MorFar (baseball, and Red Sox Baseball in particular, is K & O's current obsession... will have to post about that another time)
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Mark and Sarah said...

Wow! You guys live the American dream! Looks like a blast (pun intended!) of a 4th of July weekend!!

mayhem said...

It was so much fun to catch up on your blog today! The boys are just so unbelievably wonderful! The "nursing" pictures are the best--shirts up and everything! Meera is growing fast. I can't believe she's laughing at five weeks! (Though, I guess, how could she not laugh with those two for big brothers?)