Monday, July 14, 2008

Top Ten: Ideas for Papi's Birthday Present

Braydon's Birthday 2006

This morning Kyle, Owen, and I were eating our cereal together at the kitchen table. I said, "Hey, guys, Papi's birthday is coming up in four weeks. What do you think he would like for a birthday present?" They thought very seriously about this. This subject is important to them, given how much they love their own birthday. Owen came up with the first idea. Kyle came up with the second. After hearing those first two thoughts on the matter I grabbed paper and pen. I told the boys I was "writing down the ideas" so that I "wouldn't forget!" After the tenth present suggestion their ideas quickly deteriorated into the usual ("how 'bout poop for a present!!?! poop! poop! poop! Poop for Papi!" ha ha ha)... and we all quickly lost interest in the conversation. But here they are -- word for word -- Kyle and Owen's top ten ideas for Papi's birthday present (listed, by the boys, in this exact order).
  1. "A headstring" [I inquired as to what a 'headstring' is...] "a headstring -- just like June's -- that goes around the hair, not a hat, a big string -- a headband. A headstring headband for Papi's hair." (O)
  2. "A nice, nice dress." (K)
  3. "Cake." (K)
  4. "A bracelet right around his leg." [upon further discussion I came to realize he meant an anklet] (O)
  5. "A diving suit. So he can dive underwater. A special diving suit just for the pool." (K)
  6. "A head protector -- for jumping cannonballs -- a helmet for only in the water." (K)
  7. "A big, big, big airplane." (K)
  8. "A toy set for in the pool -- with a dolphin in it." (O)
  9. "Some nails." (O)
  10. "A golf ball." (K) ..."And a golf club." (O)
Braydon's Birthday 2007


alex said...

this post is hilarious!!! i think the best one is is the head protector and the headstring...hahahahahahha

Beverly said...

And what is wrong with that list?LOL!