Monday, July 14, 2008

Meera's First Time in the Pool

Saturday was Meera's first time in the pool! We had all been looking forward to this -- Kyle and Owen especially. I had cleaned K & O's old baby pool and filled it with some water for the sun to warm up. After her afternoon nap Braydon got Meera all suited up, ready for the big plunge.

She was cold at first, but not upset

The boys were all about it

And wanted desperately to get her soaking wet... which she wasn't thrilled about

The baby pool was a lot better

Even when splashed

Meera is always pretty content in Kyle's arms

Well, usually always

With Meera's crying in the baby pool the boys were done and back to their own pool fun

She calmed right down in her Mama's arms

While the boys jumped and swam the rest of the afternoon...

Meera was fast asleep under the umbrella... exhausted

P.S. Our baby, who has never slept more than 3-4 hours in a row slept for 7 straight hours that night! ;)


Maggie said...

I love the picture of you and Meera resting after all the excitement!!! You look gorgeous!!! :)

Patricia said...

Soooo cute! Hooray for Meera's first dip in the pool!

Kristina said...

Bravo Meera!!!!! You sleep good baby girl.

And stay in the baby pool as long as you want! :)

Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Bek said...

You do look great. And look at you in a swim suit! That is awesome.

So, the key to getting her to sleep all night is to take the boys swimming? easy peasy!

Glad you are doing well (and how cute is that baby swimsuit. I almost died...)

Anonymous said...

What could be better then all of you relaxing and enjoying an afternoon at the pool. Wish I was there! Very cute pictures and HBJ you look fabulous!

Jess said...

Adorable pictures. OK, pool every day it is, then! Let Mama sleep at night! ;-)

Heza Hekele said...

I'd make pool time a bedtime ritual if that's the outcome! Sleep exhaustion...I never was fond of it. She's adorable in her little mini suit!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love the pictures!
My brand new baby (5 days home, 7 month old) slept for 12 hours last night - oh wow.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, and hysterical as always. And yes, you do look fabulous, Heather.


Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Adding to the crowd saying that you look so good! What a babe!