Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"S Days" as a Party of 5

I posted this spring about our "S Day" Rituals. With the addition of Meera, much of our family normalcy (at least what was 'normal' pre-Meera) has been severely altered. The boys have adjusted shockingly well to it all (better than me; I seem to mourn the loss of our family of four much more than anyone else around here -- but then again, I'm the one whose life has been most seriously impacted by little Miss M. Don't get me wrong -- I love our new family of five and wouldn't trade it for *anything*, but I do miss what was... and I seem to miss it more than B, K, or O do). Anyway, I would have thought that K & O would be bent out of shape about all of the kinks in managing our day-to-day living. Six weeks in, we are still heavily in the process of getting our 'new normal' worked out. But instead of being freaked out, they've been amazingly laid-back about losing much of their usual rituals and routines. The "S Day" mornings, however, are still clung to. Kyle, especially, is determined to keep the tradition in tact. For the sake of his sanity (and all of ours, really) we are trying to do our old "S Day" morning ritual whenever possible. Photos from this past Saturday morning.

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