Wednesday, July 02, 2008

K & O Take Photos

I've let the boys take their "own" photos with the camera before, but have never posted any of their photos here. But they are starting to take some pretty interesting photos now, and they definitely understand the whole concept of the camera and aren't just clicking away for the sheer heck of it. They are taking photos of the things that they conscientiously find worthy of the camera shot. This is the first post of their pics, taken by them, for them. This morning they took these shots. As a sociologist, I can't help it -- I just find it all so fascinating. (P.S. Hi to my awesome PhD student Maggie!!!)


Asiaha said...

Great pictures Kyle and Owen!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather :)
I had been wondering if the boys took pictures...I figured they probably did!! :) Thanks for sharing them!!!! I miss you guys and am thinking of you all the time!
ps-My friend called me to tell me that I had been mentioned on "Heather's Blog" before I even got a chance to read it myself! I feel famous or something!!! :) xoxo