Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Meera Grace 5 Weeks Old

This week has been so great with Meera. Don't get me wrong-- the sleep deprivation is killer (especially taking a toll on me since I'm the one up feeding her every 2-3 hours)... but Meera has become so much more alert and interactive this week. She's so mellow, and so cheery/happy/smiley so much of the time! Her fussy/cranky period is between 4-8 pm each day. Otherwise, she's a very easy and fun baby! We're so grateful for her easy-going disposition!!!

Meera and Kyle

Braydon's dad took this photo while he was visiting

The boys are getting lots of playtime with Braydon while I'm nursing

And when Braydon's not around (i.e., at work), they have hit the jackpot!-- lots of videos between 5ish-6ish each day (during Meera's fussy time of day and K&O's tired time of day)!

Meera loves her mobile in the downstairs crib. She smiles and "talks" to it. She loves it! We call the animals on the mobile "Meera's friends" and the boys get a big kick out of that.

Mid-morning snack

A typical J-M dinner these days (when Meera's in an o.k. mood at dinnertime and we've managed to get a meal on the table)


Amanda said...

Ok, I'm just LOVING that fluffy blue couch. I want to kick back on that thing! Nice!

Ani said...

I'm so behind on my blog reading... Meera's just beautful! I love the pinky and thumb pic, that has to be the sweetest one yet... and the boys talking to their baby sister - she's one lucky little girl!
all the best to all of you!

Tricia V. said...

Love the pictures! And I really like the new picture at the top of the blog.

I guess you're not going to ASA, Heather? Maybe I'll get to meet you next year then. :-)

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

You guys are doing GREAT! Sleep deprivation is nothing to laugh at ... It takes you off your best game and you're forced to function in spite of your fuzzy head ... keep pressing on and we'll keep praying for more sleep for Meera and you.

(Lydie was an every two hour nurser too. Poor Heather! Much love and empathy from here.)
t. :)

Cloudscome said...

I haven't been around to congratulate you all - Congratulations! Meera is so beautiful. God Bless you.