Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Meera & Beth

Today Meera Grace met her Godmother. Beth came from Connecticut to visit and meet her baby bundle. It was a special day for me -- to see these two together. Braydon and I could not be happier that Meera will have Beth as a special force in her life. Choosing godparents is tricky and Braydon and I take it very seriously ---- the spiritual/religious aspects of it and lots of other aspects of it. Beth was the obvious choice for Meera Grace. Today was the start of many days that they'll have together. Meera loved being held by Beth. She was deeply content in Beth's arms. And she smiled huge, huge smiles at Beth for long stretches during the day. I want Meera to know that right from the start she had a really good connection with our dear dear dear dear dear friend Beth.

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Anonymous said...

You are the center of Meera's entire universe and boy is she lucky.