Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Meera Grace Six Weeks Old

As of today, at six weeks old, Meera Grace is now:

  • one of the most easy, mellow, laid-back, happy babies on the planet -- continuing to have the most sunny disposition and rarely unhappy
  • smiling (often waking up smiling)
  • laughing (started laughing on July 5 and has laughed many times each day since)
  • trying to 'talk'/interact with verbal sounds back-and-forth when people give her eye contact
  • working very hard to suck on her fingers/hands (i.e., spending most of her waking hours struggling to get her right hand into her mouth)
  • loving having her diaper changed
  • kicking her legs like crazy
  • still loving her black Baby Bjorn chair
  • still loving her mobile of "friends"
  • still loving a nice warm bath
  • staring for hours at bright lights and contrasting colors
  • sleeping more and crying less (which is saying a lot since she was already crying very little)... even during her 'fussy period' between 4-8pm each day
  • sleeping through more than you can imagine (i.e., K & O's loud antics)
  • wanting to eat (and demanding it) every 2-4 hours, 24x7, no exceptions
  • watching with wide eyes as her crazy brothers play like maniacs around her
  • enjoying one bottle each night with her Papi
  • adoring her Mama as if she were the center of the entire universe, lighting up when she sees her, cooing and squealing with delight, etc.
  • loving life
  • fitting in pretty darn perfectly with our family

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Anonymous said...

You are the center of Meera's entire universe and boy is she lucky.