Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jess & Sam Visit

Monday-Tuesday Jessica and Sammy came to visit. It had been too long since we'd seen them, and we had such a very good time! Sam is only 2, but man can she hold her own with K & O! Now that's my kind of girl!!! At one point Sam and Owen were playing together for a long stretch of time -- the whole time Sam was calling Owen "Hon" and Owen was calling Sam "Sweetheart"! What a riot! Jessica is a BFF from grad school. There's just nothing like good old friends (even with the relatively new twist of kid-centric visits... swingset and sandbox; playdough; Wonder Pets............). Monday night we all had strawberries, pizza, and cupcakes for supper. You can only do that with a really good friend! ;) Jess, I know you're reading. I love you girl! And I love your girl too! xo

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