Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meera Sucks Her Thumb!

Meera Grace is 11 weeks old today. Since day 1 we've known that she will be a very happy girl when she can get her thumb in her mouth. For the past couple of weeks she's spent virtually all of her waking hours working on getting her hand/fingers/thumb into her mouth. This past weekend she started to get her thumb in there and keep it in there for a bit every once in a while. Over the past couple of days she's getting better and better at it. At this point I'd almost officially call her a Thumb Sucker (that makes three in our family!) The other four of us are all happy and relieved to see Meera sucking her thumb because it was difficult (verging on painful) for us to watch her struggle with it so over the past few weeks. But Meera is happiest of all! An already super happy and content baby is now even happier (we did not believe that was possible, but alas! it is!)... for the past few nights she's been sleeping for 8 hour stretches. Last night she slept for 9.5 hours straight. She's asleep by 8pm, wakes up 8-9 hours later to eat, then immediately goes back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. Last night she slept from 8pm-9:15am with only one 10 minute nursing session in between (at 5:30am, after which she promptly fell right back to sleep -- as usual for her night feedings). She also takes 1-2 large naps every day (anywhere from 1-3 hours each). Already she's a better sleeper than either Kyle or Owen ever were. When she's awake she's as happy as can be (she does take after her brothers there). Laughing and smiling and gurgling and chewing on her fingers and now... sucking her thumb. The difference between her and the boys, though, is how totally mellow and low-key Meera is. We almost don't know what to do with her! (But we're waaaaaaaaaaay enjoying it!!!!!!) We seriously don't know how we lucked out with this incredibly good and easy and mellow and fun-loving baby! The only thing we can think of is that we had this coming to us given what we endure with the non-stop action and crazy, crazy antics of our other two! ;) Meera is so perfect for our family that it almost seems too good to be true. I kiss her at least 100 times a day and thank her constantly for being the mellow-happy-go-lucky-baby that she is. I am so enamored with this tiny little soul. It has only been 11 weeks but I truly cannot imagine life without her now.


Mark and Sarah said...

Ahhhh...what a sweetheart. I had a similar feeling when my baby started sucking his thumb around the same age. It's just what he needed. Clearly your baby girl is getting her beauty sleep! Wow, it seems like just yesterday you were saying that she only slept 2-3 hours at a stretch...what happened!?! My 6 month old has never slept more than 8 hours (and that was once!). Tell me your secret :)

Ani said...

She looks so content sucking her thumb! You just described how I felt when our son learned to put the paci in his mouth (clearly he was much older, but still, it was pure bliss for all involved!).

But, NEVER in his 3 years has he slept 9.5 hrs, NEVER... and here I was thinking he was a good sleeper bc he slept 8 hrs a night and napped in the afternoon... silly me ;)

Anonymous said...

She is probably awestruck by all of the constant motion and activity around her. Lots of stimulation and then a good night's sleep before a new day of adoration and activity begins.

Beverly said...

what an adorable pic.

Claudia said...

Absolutely cute. She looks like she is so content. Does she rub her head with the other hand?

My daughter when she was a baby used to suckle her ring finger and middle finger of her right hand with the two other fingers on either side of her nose. With her left hand she would rub her head.

My son never took to the thumb, but prefered the platex paci. I still remember the one time my daughter had hid his paci. Ohhhhh that was the worst 15 minutes of my life.

Love and Hugs,