Monday, September 29, 2008


You have one thumb in your mouth,
the other hand pressed firm upon my face.
I talk about your day,
and in the nite lite watch,
as your eye lids get heavy,
and then drop.
The world gets smaller,
and I feel your breath
in and out on my neck.
And as I whisper my love letter into your ear,
the lullabye rolls in
like a deep wave onto the sand of sleep.
In the small world of your room,
on the sandy shore of your sleep,
You drift off.
And as you drift off
it is as if
all of your tantrums and outbursts
and frenzied nonstop movement
it is as if
all of your questions and answers
and full-hearted laughing and crying
it is as if
all of your pushing and shoving
and four-year-old brawn
And tomorrow is a new day.


alex said...

i love you all and miss you so much! i love this, heather. <3 :)

MorMor said...

Beautiful HBJ..........

Ani said...

just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the most touching poems I've ever read.