Saturday, September 13, 2008

Meera's First Playdate

Today the Petsch crew came over with Meena, the adorable 4-month old baby that they are caring for. Seeing them with Meena was a reminder to me that foster families are truly a gift to us all. I'm proud to have such good friends who are doing this. And seeing Meera and Meena together was beyond cute! It was, officially, Meera's first playdate. We generally don't post about K & O's playdates because we typically don't take pictures of them (too busy either chatting with the parents or doing damage control with the kids). But today we couldn't resist the temptation to pull out the camera. Meera and Meena had a ton of fun-- especially when Meera shared her playmat. ;) Kyle, especially, was smitten with Meena. He even got to help feed her a bottle, which was an extra special moment for him. And of course K & O had a ton of fun with Zoe too (despite some serious infractions requiring some serious time outs for both boys). And amidst all the mayhem the four "growned ups" (as Owen has been calling us lately) had a good time--- as always.


Anonymous said...

what a fun afternoon. we love you guys!!!

the petsch crew

Kathy said...


Anonymous said...

They look so cute together!! Isn't it wonderful to have friends with kids who are friends with your kids!

Anonymous said...

Awww how sweet and adorable. Glad you all had a wonderful time together. Love the pictures of the babies.

Love & Hugs,