Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who knew? Kyle is a power tool kinda guy...

Lately Kyle has been quite critical that we have someone cut our grass. And for the record, I do feel a measure of shame for it. But long ago, we did a little cost/benefit analysis on it, and with buying a riding mower big enough and the amount of time it would take me on a weekly basis to tend to the lawn, we opted for some help. Now, to be quite clear, it was really about the time. We look around and see the men of the world mowing and mowing and mowing all Saturday long and we decided that I'd rather spend the time with my family. And frankly, this basically covers anything outside power tool related (to which Don, my father-in-law can attest - thank goodness for him).

Granted, we are fortunate to be in a place to make that decision...most are not. We're thankful for it everyday. And Dave does an awesome job, so we're double lucky.

However, at the moment, Kyle is not so thrilled with it.

"Papi, why don't you mow the lawn Papi? Why Dave mows the lawn Papi? I want you mow the lawn Papi. With ME Papi!"

Ah ha, the truth comes out. When I explain how it will take me all day Saturday, then I have to weed whack, then rake, then fertilize and I would not be able to go to the swimming pool and I would not be able to go out to lunch with him, he gets a little thoughtful.

"That's ok Papi, I will do it with you!"

So, after additional thought and mulling it over for a few days, Kyle bring this up and dinner tonight:

"Papi, I want 42 boxes from the box truck! I want a box with a lawnmower, a box with a weed whacker, a box with pressure washer, a box with a wagon in it that I can put on the lawn mower and carry you around in. And I want a box with a chainsaw in it too."

When Heather points out that he will then spend all day Saturday doing yard work, he replies:

"No mommy, we will put it next to Papi's lawnmower [the little hand push one I have and never use] and we can play with it whenever we want!"

He must be getting it from somewhere else, since he's definitely not getting it from me....


Ani said...

"A box with a wagon in it...and carry you around in."


Anonymous said...

Heather& Braydon,
I think he's got some good old boy NH blood in him!