Monday, November 03, 2008

Big Huge Giant Play-Date

I've been meaning to blog about this, and unfortunately it is one of the many things that has fallen through the cracks this past month. But I just don't want to leave it out entirely because it was a really big deal for the boys that I don't want to be forgotten along the way. One day in early October when we were driving home from school Owen started talking about how he wanted to have a play date. Since the boys are in separate classrooms I thought it would be a great idea to have each of them pick a friend to have over after school one day. I asked them who they wanted to each choose from their classrooms. This launched them into a lengthy and vibrant discussion that basically centered on each of them listing off all of the kids in their classes. We talked about it and talked about it the whole ride home, but neither of them could narrow their choices down to just one friend each. Eventually Kyle said, "I have an idea! Let's have a big huge giant play date!!!" Owen jumped right on it. "Yes! Yes! We can invite everyone!!!!" At first I thought, "No way!!!" but then I thought, "Hmmm... why not?!" So we made the invitation over that weekend (the boys dictated to me as I typed it up on the computer), they helped me get the invitations all set (Owen water-color painted the envelopes and Kyle stapled directions to our house to all of the invites), and we put them in everyone's mailboxes the following Monday morning. The RSVP's poured in that week, and that Friday we had 25 kids over to play after school! It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. I bought cookies and cider and bottled water and made a pot of coffee for the parents. It was a crazy crazy big, huge, giant play-date and it was a lot of fun. Kyle and Owen were in heaven.

the invite

Monday morning, ready to bring all the invitations to school

ready for the play-date


Kyle with his best friend from school, Edmund

holding Meera was definitely a big hit with all the girls, especially these twin girls who are good friends with K & O

the back yard

at one point I counted 16 kids on the trampoline... K & O were in their glory!

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Jess said...

You are brave. If you mention anything about their half-birthday, this could become an annual tradition.

With the twins' boundless energy, are you preparing for weather that keeps you indoors? I would love to read a "winter strategies for energetic kids" post; and maybe I'll work on one too.

And the quotes below had me cracking up. :)