Monday, November 03, 2008

Choice K & O Quotes from Recent Days

The boys have been getting in trouble a lot lately for 'talking back.' The other day Owen was in a mood and he had talked back a couple of times. I said, "Owen! I'm so tired of this talking back!! Where did you learn this anyway?!?" Right away he said, dead serious: "I learned it at June's house. Her house is yellow."

I was tucking Kyle into bed the other night. After prayers and talking about the day I was telling him how much I loved him, etc. I said, "Kyle, my baby, I'm so glad that I'm your Mom." He looked up at me with love in his eyes and said, "I'm so glad I'm your grandson."

Owen is thinking a lot these days about being "grown up." He often talks about how he wishes he was "grown up" and about all the things he'll do when he is "grown up." I could list endless cute quotes from him on this topic. Two of the most recent best are: (to Papi--) "I wish when I be grown up I can be you." & (to Papi & Mommy--) "When I be grown up I am going to order you guys something really nice in a big box from the box truck!"

Watching an episode of Dora about 'things that make you happy.' Dora and Boots were talking about the things that make them happy. I said to the boys, "Guys, what makes you happy?" Without thinking for even a second Kyle said, "Meera!"

Owen and Kyle were putting on their rollerskates. For a long time they couldn't do it themselves, but I watched as they did it entirely on their own. I said, "You guys are good at that!" Owen said, "Yes we are! That's because we were born in Haiti!"

Kyle is still sure that when he grows up he wants to be "a traveler." Yesterday during breakfast he was talking on and on about it. He has grand plans. One of which is: "When I be sixteen years old. Wait, no. When I be seventeen years old, I will be a traveler. Me and Owen and Meera will go on a big jet plane, just us by ourselves, and we will go to Connecticut. Wait, no. We will go to New Hampshire. And we will go to MorMor and MorFar's house and Mommy and Papi will stay home. And me and Owen and Meera will go skiing!!!!!"

The boys were playing with Meera in the kitchen as she sat in her swing seat. They decided they needed to go to the playroom to get a toy for her. As they were both running off, Owen shouts back over his shoulder to me, "Mom, will you keep an eye on her? Because orka whales are coming and babies are afraid of orkas!"

I've mentioned before that the boys have expressed numerous times that they seriously think that Meera has "brown skin." I keep thinking that they'll start to lose this notion, but they continue to bring it up from time to time. The other day Kyle says, "Mom, I'm so glad Meera has brown skin! Since you're her birthmother I just want to say thanks for making her have brown skin Mom!!"

A few days ago we were coming into the house from playing outside and the boys were covered in mud. Before opening the door I said, "O.k., I want you two to go straight into the laundry room and take off all your clothes before we go upstairs for a bath." Owen very dramatically says, "O.k. Mommy!! I will go straight inside and take off all my clothes! But I won't take off my hair! Because it is attached to my head!"

Recently Kyle was telling me how sad he is that our pool is now closed for the winter. I was talking about how exciting it will be when it opens again in the spring. He said that when it opens he wants to invite his friends over to swim (which is something we did often this past summer). I said, "Who will be the first friend you want to come over to swim with you?" He thought about it earnestly for quite a while, and then very seriously said: "Michael Phelps."

Owen's prayer, before bed, a few nights ago: "Dear God, I don't like acting up. I don't want to act up. Why do I have to act up so much? Amen."

The boys continue to be semi-obsessed with the whole pregnancy-birth-birthmother thing. Their seemingly infinite questions about these topics are on-going. Sometimes just when I think they are really starting to get it, they say something that indicates that they clearly are not. The other day Kyle says to Braydon, "Papi, were you born out of MorFar's belly?"


Mark and Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, I just got a good belly laugh this morning. I LOVE it! How to you remember all these quotes?!?! You must write them down somewhere before you blog about them? Do tell your secret (or maybe you just have an incredible memory!?). Anyway, I always smile when I see a new post pop up...yours is still my favorite!

Anonymous said...

adorable the boy twin's

Rachel and Arielle said...

Those are hilarious! K & O always crack me up!

When I was a nanny I would always keep a pad of paper out to write down the funny things the kids said so their parents could hear them when they got home. I still laugh thinking about some of them!

Ani said...

what a wonderful compliment that he wants to be like his Papi when he grows up... loved each and every quote!

Heather said...

Sarah, I am always jotting down little notes and quotes of things that I want to remember to blog about. I keep a "Blog" notebook on my desk and keep all of my little notes there (often scribbled down on scraps of paper tucked into the notebook). I also have a PDA that I have with me all the time-- if we're out and about I'll often write up the quotes there. The key for me is jotting the stuff down right away, in the moment, because if I wait I won't remember it. ;)