Friday, December 12, 2008

Meera's Lovin' the Walker Thingy


Ani said...

she's such a big girl. the walker thingy was a big hit in our house, it provided loooong periods of peace for our busy baby boy.

beautiful tree - happy christmas!

Anonymous said...

I know you are very loving and capable parents-
Just be careful with the
baby walker- they are
totally banned in Canada.
If you leave the room remove
Meera from the walker-
She is too cute to
have something hurt her!
Life must be very busy with 3
kids under 5.

Jen said...

This walker thingy doesn't have wheels, so I am sure she will be just fine! Canada likes to ban is not the walkers that are dangerous it is moronic parents that are.

Sheila said...

I just love love reading your web-log!!!
I live in The Netherlands.
Waiting for a little Haitian girl to come home in 2009.
Happy Christmas.