Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baracko's Inauguration

Anyone who's been following this blog for long knows that K & O are huge Obama fans. This is, of course, in large part because we've socialized them this way. But they do seem to have a genuine appreciation for all that "Baracko" (as they call him) represents. Seriously. And they (K, especially) is genuinely interested in the whole political process, the presidency, the White House, etc., etc., etc. Owen is mostly interested in Malia and Sasha (hmmmmmmm....?!), but still, he's genuinely interested in his own right (!). They (again, K especially) will still, months after the election, ask strangers they meet who they voted for. They make sure that friends and relatives are Obama supporters whenever possible. And they question (like, deeply and directly and repeatedly question) our neighbors who had McCain signs in their yards during the campaign about why they like McCain better than Baracko, ETC. One of our neighbors recently told me that Kyle's questions regarding her support for McCain made her think more about the election than anything else had in the past year. He's that serious about it. Anyway, the morning of the inauguration Kyle woke up, ran into our bathroom, opened up the shower door (I was showering) and with a huge grin on his face said, "Today's Baracko's 'Inn-ogg-nation' Mommy?????" Yes! It was a big day. After school and work, and after Margie left (her first full day as New Nanny), we had a big J-M celebration. Balloons and all. "Congrats to You" the balloons said (a balloon for each kid), and strawberries (a rare treat in winter), tortellini (one of K & O's favorite meals), and a "Baracko Cake" (complete with candles) were enjoyed by all. (Note: this was Meera's first balloon, ever, and she LOVED LOVED LOVED it). Per Owen's request we sang "We love you Barack Obama" to the tune of "Happy Birthday to You" and then blew out candles. The biggest treat of all, though, was the rarity of having the television on during waking hours on a week day. We watched the inauguration news coverage throughout our celebration. A big, huge, awesome historic day. I wonder if K & O will remember it... it is possible... and I hope that they do.


Se'lah said...

Wonderful !!! So glad to see the children really involved in the political process, especially one of this magnitude. It is truly happily surreal. Sharing a moment with your god-daughter on inauguration day:

Mark and Sarah said...

What a neat party. What an incredibly important and special day to commemorate. I love the way your family celebrates.

laurafingerson said...

We did the same thing -- a very rare television-watching moment for Sunny & Ace!! The inauguration was AMAZING to watch! Most amazing because, since the girls are just three, it will be totally *normal* to have a Black man as president. Can you imagine? They will not remember a time before that. How excellent.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday was a great day for us also. David, Nathan and Jonathon(3 generations) were all able to be together to witness the event (even though it was on TV in Bartlett!) We all gathered at our neighbors for an innauguration party that night to view it again for those who had to work that day. ( Nathan had taped it.)
What a wonderful day!