Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Funny Man

"Look!!! I've Got Two Monkeytails!" (as opposed to ponytails) -
Owen discovers that anything velcro will stick to his locs!
"You Won't Even Believe What's Under My Underpants!!! More Underpants!!!" -
For Owen, even getting dressed (or undressed) can be funny!
"Who Am I????! PAPI!!!!!!!!" -
Owen in Braydon's jacket & tie
Owen, Quite the Funny Little Dude -
Not an hour goes by that this boy isn't laughing (and very few go by that the people around him aren't laughing either)


Maggie said...

ahhh! this is the most hysterical post yet!!!!!!! literally, laughing out loud right now! :)

Kathrin said...

He is so adroable!! What a cute little guy.

Mark and Sarah said...

What a HOOT!!