Friday, June 26, 2009

Week 2 Was Much Better Than Week 1

Seriously, I have no idea why I continue to do "art" with these boys. I cannot tell you how much I wish my boys would be into it. But, seriously, they are so not into it. And yet still, I plod forward. They don't resist doing the stuff-- they actually like doing it once they're engaged (and it isn't hard to engage them). But they are just so not Artists. It is one of those things where you kinda just have to be there-- but take it from me: they are all about the mess, the experience of it all, and sooooo not about the actual art or outcome. Oh sure, yes, yes, yes, that's what it is all about: the means, not the end. Blah, blah, blah. I know, I know. But seriously, they have absolutely zero interest in fine-tuning their skills whatsoever. It is still 100% about the sensory experience, and 0% about the visual creation. They still cannot color in the lines -- and could not care any less. They still only rarely do anything but scribble -- and don't even try to make up any explanation for what they've "drawn." They'll choose their bikes over a craft any day of the week. And at birthday parties where a "craft project" is on the agenda (so far, always girls' parties), my boys run in the opposite direction as fast as the Birthday Girl's Mom pulls out the craft bin. Their arts and crafts projects look absolutely no different now, at age just barely 5, than they did when they were just barely 2. Seriously, they are just not the artsy-crafty types. I am hoping that I'll get that with Meera, because I'm losing hope that I'll ever have anything even remotely close with either of her brothers. Anyway... this morning during Meera's nap we got out paint (because I'm just that insane). Braydon always thinks I'm absolutely crazy for doing anything like this with them. And, as usual, it took me about 5 times as much time to clean it up as it did for them to do it. But man, did they enjoy it for the moment. And that was just one of the many moments that made Week 2 of Summer (2nd week that the boys have been out of school) soooo much better than Week 1.

Yes, I'll admit, I did break down and call Braydon at work today when I was very close to the edge of a nervous breakdown because they were making me looooooooooooose myyyyyyyyyyyyy miiiiiiiiiiiiiiind. But I am proud to say that I remained (relatively) calm, only yelled once (although, it was, I'll admit, at the top of my lungs), and did not cry at all (although I did come very, very close). But really, these boys are challenging. Imagine a roukus all-day-and-all-night party with your best friend in the world.... but with the energy turned up to a degree to which you cannot imagine (unless you know my boys) and the volume on max the entire time and the 5-year-old-good-and-bad just going-going-going to the nth degree. A constant non-stop back-and-forth ricochet of energy. Imagine that. That is, in a nutshell, life with Kyle and Owen. That can make a Mom go nuts pretty quick.

Luckily I have my Meera Grace to keep me grounded. That girl is soothing to frayed nerves. Seriously, she is so very very easy and mellow and happy and content. Like, all the time. Even when she's teathing. From what I can tell, she is loving having her brothers out of school. And she's loving blueberries right now too.

In addition to two very fun playdates (one yesterday, one today), we have had lots of time playing at home, a visit to the Frenchtown Playground, loads of baseball and bike-riding, some cooking, and, of course, lotsa smoothie making (and drinking):
Life is back on track around here, and we're a-o.k. as we head into the weekend.


Robin said...

I'm glad someone else's boy(s) has art that doesn't look any better now than it did years ago. Luke HATES crafts and he doesn't even try to color in the lines. He sees absolutely no point in it. However, Alyssa makes me 15 pictures a day and they are all beautiful. She cuts with scissors and glues the tiniest of tiny items with precise perfection. She paints EVERY day.So Heather, there's definitely hope for Meera!

Gail said...


I really don't see how anyone who hasn't experienced Kyle and Owen can truly grasp what it's like. Individually they have more energy than seems humanly possible and together--utterly incomprehensible.

Hang in there.


Emmers said...

Have you thought about a Y sports camp for them in the mornings? Maybe to burn off a little energy and give you a few hours to recoop from their tornado of activity? I know our Y runs a variety of summer programs for all ages, so I bet the Y near you does as well :) I hope everyone is feeling better

Shannon- said...

ummm... is it possible.. that Lil' Miss.. is just .. watching.. learning.. and figuring the whole thing out..? You may have bigger trouble on the horizon?? {insert the counts laugh} aa ha ha ha ha haaaaa

Laurie said...

I adopted twin boys from Haiti too. They are going to turn 3 next month, and they came home to us a couple months after they had turned 2. I can totally understand your comments about their non stop energy and their ability to drive you crazy. I know you love your boys to death, and me too, but it's nice to have someone else that knows the insanity it sometimes causes. Usually when I try to describe my boys people will IGNORANTLY reply that that is just 'boys' and their boy was like that,etc. But they have NO IDEA until they've had 2 wild and crazy twins that love to talk LOUDLY from Haiti. :) Thanks for making me know I am not alone. :)

terra said...

My 3 boys (6,5 and 2-my oldest is adopted) are boys. I always get comments like-you should put them in swim school at..5am! to burn off some energy. No arts and crafts here-just running, jumping off furniture, doing backflips at barely age 5 off diving boards and are so strong and fast that at 6 years old they leave their 33 year old mom in the dust. And it takes 4 nurses to give them shots or strep throat tests...Hang in there..God made them different for a reason.....Terra in Missouri

laurafingerson said...

I am impressed with your bravery of doing crafts (painting??!!) with your boys!! I am too chicken to do gluing, painting, or other crafts with my 3 1/2 year old girls and my girls are freakishly orderly. Partly because I am absolutely non-crafty (and am in awe of those who can do it), but mostly because I just can't summon the energy that goes into doing painting with them! Let's go to the playground instead! An almost four week road trip alone with twin preschoolers? Easy peasy compared to painting projects! ;)