Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July 2009 - K & O's Portrayal

K & O rarely spend a lot of energy on their artwork (and believe me, it shows!). But on Thursday afternoon, when I told them it was "time to draw!!!" (as cheery as can be, because I keep on trying, regularly, even though I almost never get any real artsy spunk out of them), surprisingly, the artistic spirit moved them and I found them suddenly spending a large chunk of time (like, at least 20 minutes solid) working on these drawings. They both said they were drawing "the 4th of July." When probed further they explained, in detail, that their drawings were of the fireworks we saw on the 4th of July. The fireworks were, for sure, the highlight for them. From what they explained to me, their drawings are a sort of fusion blend between the "big fireworks" (at the concert) and "MorFar's fireworks." Both of them drew the green grass on the bottom and "us sitting there." And I watched, amazed, as they both chose their colors very carefully. Owen asked me to show him how to draw "stars" and then very quickly mastered the 5-point-star (when they are motivated, they are motivated) in order to draw the fireworks as stars. They both spent a lot of time and energy and thought on these drawings, painstakingly making the fireworks "shooting" and "loop de looping" "way high up into the sky!" In the end, I was really enamored with these drawings and genuinely liked them -- as Art; actual Art. K & O were proud of these drawings, and I was proud of them for making them. I suggested we send them to their cousin Sadie, and although they weren't thrilled about parting with them, they liked the idea enough to want to jump right in the car and bring them to the Post Office-- which we did. But I was sure to take photos of them first.

Kyle's drawing

Owen's drawing

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