Saturday, July 11, 2009

Make New Friends

A few weeks ago Owen and I had an "Alone Time" afternoon. We try to do "Alone Time" (K & O apart from each other) with Kyle and Owen whenever we can (although it is never often enough), and it is always very special for both us and them. Being a twin has got to be really tough in some ways-- and the constant togetherness is definitely one of the hard parts. Anyway, Owen and I were going to go out to lunch at Cosi and then spend some time at the bookstore. As we were pulling into the Cosi parking lot Owen starts literally jumping up and down in his carseat in the backseat. He's saying/screaming, "MOMMY! LOOK! LOOK! LOOK MOMMY! LOOK!!!" And he's pointing maniacally out of the back window. I look and what do I see walking through the parking lot near us?--but a white woman holding a black baby boy! (clearly not bi-racial and it very much appeared from the way there were together that it was a mom-and-baby). Owen is yelling, "Quick! Hurry up and park it!! Quick Mommy! LET'S GO!!!" I parked as fast as we could and we high tailed it out of the car. Walking/running through the parking lot Owen says to me, "That is so interesting!!! They just look very, very interesting to me!!! It is just so interesting!" Sure enough the woman and baby were just entering the Cosi ahead of us. I asked Owen if he thought we should go meet them, and he definitely wanted to. Holding hands Owen and I walked up to them. I will admit, it was a bit nerve-wracking, but it just felt totally necessary; we see families like ours (specifically, white parents with black [non-bi-racial kids]) so rarely, and Owen was so extremely "interested" (and I couldn't blame him). I initiated the contact but then Owen immediately took over... asking the mom right away what the baby's name was, what her name was, and then -- without any hesitation, "Did he grow in your belly?" She took it in stride (I could tell immediately that I loved her!), and she answered all of his questions perfectly and without hesitation. He asked if the baby had been adopted, and from where, and how old he was when he came home, and how old he is now. He told her that he had been adopted, that he also has a twin brother who was adopted too, and that they have a baby sister who grew in their mommy's belly. Owen adored the little baby boy right from the start and I adored the mom. We exchanged contact info, have been emailing back-and-forth since, and last night we all got together for dinner (and lotsa margaritas) at our house. I have a feeling we'll be great friends.

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Christina said...

What a lovely story! I'm going to guess that you're something like me, and that if you had just seen the Mom and baby out on your own, you would have also thought it was interesting but you probably wouldn't have approached. I know that I'm generally too shy for that. But with Owen to break the ice, now you have a new friend! I think that's really great.

I also think it's wonderful how you have alone time with Kyle and Owen. Everyone wants to feel special.