Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sports Camp

This past week Kyle and Owen were in Sports Camp at Lehigh. They had their most fun week yet of the entire summer! They LOVED LOVED LOVED it. They just soaked it all up and could not have been happier with it. Last year they did Soccer Camp, and that was o.k., but this past week of Sports Camp was AWESOME! (I've gotta plug it for just a quick minute-- if you live anywhere in this area and have kids ages 4-8 you should definitely do this next summer!!!! It is an extremely well organized and extremely well run camp-- definitely check it out!). Anyway, last year Owen struggled a bit with the Soccer Camp (so we were a little nervous about what would happen this year), but this year he did really, really, really well. And last year Kyle did great with Soccer Camp, but this year he did superb. Both of them are such little athletes. They really do absolutely love every sport they've ever tried. And this week at Sports Camp they were doing 11 different sports activities each day. They told us all about them (and about them, and about them, and about them) -- football, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, field hockey, lacrosse, golf, dance, and "balance and agility" (I got a kick out of Kyle telling me all about how much he loved the "balance and agility" stuff---- something just kind of funny about a five year old talking on and on and on about "balance and agility"!!). Anyway, they loved Sports Camp so much and were sad for it to end yesterday. The highlight of the week was their coach. They were on the Dolphins team with about ten boys, and I almost cried tears of joy the first day when I went to drop them off and met the coach of the Dophins--- Jaren Walker--- a wonderful, big, huge, black Lehigh Football Player psychology major with a knack for working with young kids. In the sea of predominately white faces I was beyond ecstatic about this match up, and so were Kyle, Owen, and Jaren. The three of them proceeded to form a truly great bond over the course of the week. And we are all very excited to continue this awesome relationship into the future... which will include, for sure, cheering for Jaren at some Lehigh football games this fall.

Ready for Sports Camp, Monday morning:
Some of the Dolphins during "Dance" time (doing the Macarena!):
Owen, Balance and Agility:
Kyle, fun with friends:
Kyle and Owen with Jaren, last day of Sports Camp:

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Molly C said...

There are few things I love more than a hot guy who is good with kids!

I love when little kids use words like "balance and agility". hehe. Go Kyle! and Owen looks so serious and focused in that picture.