Monday, October 26, 2009

Street Beat!

Last night the boys and I went to Street Beat at Zoellner arts center at lehigh. It was a great time and all three of us loved it (thank you to Heather who got the tickets). Street Beat takes the idea of street drummers (people who sit on the coner and drum on all manner of household items) and takes it to a totally new level - drumming like crazy with breakdancing and all kinds of jamming.

We already had an affinity for this (see here for where it started), but Street Beat went beyond. In addition to the normal amounts of incessant drumming and music we have in our house, we're sure to see a lot of break dancing and all around throwning bodies into unnatural and amazing positions that will make Heather and me cringe in envisioing hospital visits.

Of course, when the dancers came out into the audience to find participants both boys' hands shot up to be picked. Owen was picked but not Kyle. He headed up saying "what about my brother???" but the guy wasn't going for it. So, I sent Kyle up anyway. When they both got up there, the main guy hands Owen two orange drum sticks and Kyle to Yellow ones. Since the boys favorite color is orange, Owen promptly gave one orange one to Kyle and Kyle gave him one of his yellow ones. Everyone in the audience broke up laughing, it was great. They drummed like crazy to wild applause, and loved every second.

We got them to bed around 9:30 and they were asleep in 5 minuntes flat. A great night all the way around.


Shannon- said...

Those events are so fun!!! It is wonderful that so many fun things come to your local campus! I love the sharing. HA!

Wanda said...

Love this story...and orange...and drumming...and sharing...and brothers (which I frequently mistype as "bothers").