Tuesday, October 27, 2009

5th Annual Fall Traugers Farm Day

Sunday we enjoyed our tradition of celebrating the season at Traugers Farm. This place is only a few minutes from our house, but this outing is big for us nonetheless, and we all look forward to it each fall. Corn maze, hay ride, kettle corn, pumpkin picking... a sweet, sweet family tradition for us five.

Traugers 2008
Traugers 2007
Traugers 2006

Traugers 2005 {pre-blog}:
these photos were taken as we were getting ready to go to Traugers; those were good, but tough, days (twin 17-month-old boys); those were days pre-ability-to-bring-camera-along-on-outings (!!!); we could barely handle the two of them while out-and-about, let alone take photos of it!!!!!!!


Lori said...

BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to see you guys!!! xoxoxoxo


M3 said...


Mom 4 Kids said...

These photos are amazing. Your children are just beautiful!!!