Wednesday, December 02, 2009

D.C. On My Mind

Since Braydon did the posting about our Thanksgiving/DC trip, I just wanted to chime in about a couple of things. Even though we're now suddenly fully in the throws of Christmas-Season-Stuff, Washington DC is still very much on the surface of life here in the J-M household. We are still talking  about it all, all the time. This trip was so amazing. And it had a huge impression on Kyle and Owen especially. They were so totally, totally into all-that-is-DC. And I also wanted to be sure to note that it was our first big city trip with Meera. Of course, she loved the hustle and bustle that is the big city. I also wanted to be sure to put down that ever since Barack-O was elected, K & O have been asking to go see the White House. It was a very big deal to them. I knew they would love seeing the White House, but I was completely surprised about how into all the monuments and memorials they were. They are genuinely interested in all of this stuff-- which is way beyond me, because I know that at age 5 (or 15 or even 25 for that matter) I would definitely not have been even close to as into it as they were. Every time we travel with our bambinos we are blown away by their sincere love of travel. These three love it. Every aspect of it. Kyle and Owen, in particular, are incredibly good travelers -- never complaining once about the cold or the endless city walking or the changes-of-pace from our daily life. They appreciate the experience for what it is, and they absorb so much of it. It is noticeable, and notable, what happy travelers they are. It always makes me wonder what will become of it all.


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