Friday, December 04, 2009

Random Snippets from Today

TGIF. Just completed the last week of the fall semester. I have loved Fridays this semester. I've been home. Meera takes such a consistent nap each morning that I can safely count on 2-3 solid hours of work from my home office. Then she wakes up, and I'm done working for the day, and we go pick up the boys from school. It has been bliss and I've looked forward to -- and truly enjoyed -- every single Friday this fall. Including today (despite the fact that Meera is either sick or seriously teething; she ran a fever today and was fussy and clingy and refused to nap; i.e., totally not typical Meera).

I just love this picture. Neither of my boys ever did anything like this (nor do). This morning I was sitting on the floor of the playroom with my coffee sorting through catalogs (Christmas shopping) while Meera toodled around doing her thing. This, in and of itself, is a far cry from the reality that was life-with-K&O-when-they-were-M's-age. I never could have done anything like that (because, first of all, there were two of them and I had to keep my eyes peeled... and secondly, they were wild rambunctious toddlers who never simply toodled around ever). Anyway, I was looking through catalogs and Meera toodles over and sits down with me, picks up a catalog, starts looking through it, and then starts 'talking' to me (babble) as if we were having an in-depth discussion of the items on the pages. I could not possibly love my boys more than I do (nor more than I did when they were 18 months old), however, I do have to say... having a singleton with --the icing on the cake-- a persona like Meera's... is a breath of fresh air! (and sooooo much easier!!!!!!!!!)
When the boys got home from school the first thing they did was make a beeline for the leftover pumpkin pie. I swear it feels like these two never stop eating. They cut slices and then ate them right from their hands, as if they were like a little cookie or something. Owen ate 3 slices, and Kyle ate 2, before the pie was completely gone.

Later this afternoon I was working on a project with Kyle and Owen at the kitchen table. Meera was so fussy that Owen couldn't even concentrate on what he was doing (he cannot stand it when she fusses). He got up, picked her up onto his hip, and said to me, matter of factly, "I'm going to take care of her." I said, "Alright, good luck! She's super fussy today!!!" As he took off with her toward the playroom I could hear her giggling and then outright belly laughing. Kyle and I continued to work on the project for a good long while in peace. I can trust Owen with Meera in a way that seems totally abnormal for a 5-year-old. But after about 15 minutes of quiet I figured I should go see what Owen and Meera were up to. I found them upstairs in Owen's room, rocking in Owen's chair together. She was as happy and content as could be. Owen asked me for a snack for her and a bottle. I ran down to get it and brought along the camera too. I snapped this before handing over the requested items and leaving them on their own again for another 15 minutes or so. Owen was in rare (good) form today. Note: the permanent marker on the fabric of his rocking chair is from a couple of years ago when Owen was in rare (bad) form that day. ;)


Laurie said...

That is a sweet story about Owen taking care of Meera.

Your talk about Meera toddling around and how you never experienced that with the twins cracks me up...and makes me feel understood! I'm the one who has commented here, and has twins (now 3 year olds) from Haiti and I have 3 bio kids that are 5, 6, and 8. Having singletons (calm ones!) and then having twins (extremely wild ones) is a totally different story. You love them for their differences, but man, one is sure easier than the other!!

I will sometimes look at other kids my twins' age and just can't believe how they are just toddling around and not distroying something in the meantime. I have to keep my eye on my guys 100% of the time or they will destroy or just get extrememly crazy. It's like they don't have a gauge to tell them when to bring it back down. And then I remember that hey!...I actually had kids that acted like that (calm) once upon a time. :)

So it's nice you are getting to experience the 'calm after the storm.' :)

I experienced my calm before my storm, and didn't know what I had. :)

Nicole Anderson said...

How absolutely sweet! Thank you for sharing!

T & T Livesay said...

Love love love tender big brothers ... every once in a while one shows up at our house too. :)