Thursday, February 22, 2007

"I want mommy"

While indeed we go through phases in a variety of things, one of the constants over the last few months has been the following phrase: "I want mommy".

This combination of words is uttered, shouted, cried and stated on a daily basis by both boys. It happens when it's time to get dressed, time to get undressed, get diapers changed, get shoes on, take coats off, go upstairs (and be carried), go downstairs, buckle the car seat, or sit next to at the dinner table/restaurant/event-of-choice.

It even goes to the extent of: "No, I can't want Papi, I want mommy." Naturally this is not easy for me, and it definitely gets to me sometimes. However, I remind myself that they are 2, Heather is an unbelievable mother and I am a man (and all the gender training that unfortunately comes with that). So I grin and bear it. Mostly grin thank goodness.

Tonight Kyle took it to the next level: "No, I can't want Papi, I want mommy. I need another mommy."

Then he paused and said: "I need to go to the store to get another mommy." Heather and I tried to keep from laughing asked him which store he would go to to get another mommy. To which he replied:

"I can't get another mommy, I only have one mommy."

And that, just makes me melt.

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