Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kyle plays the trumpet-horn

This past New Year's eve we went to Morristown NJ for first night and had a great time. There were street vendors galore and one of them was selling noisemakers in the form of 2 foot long plastic trumpet-horns. Of course we had to get two, but they proved too difficult to actually do - you had to really do it like a trumpet. Owen had a little luck, but not a lot.

The next week, Owen really got a handle on how to do it and has been trumpeting along as loud as possible. Kyle gave it a one shot, but dropped it and stuck to his other trumpet (the one where you just blow into it and press the keys).

But tonight - Kyle picked it up and nailed it. He was so thrilled and proud of him self - it was a beautiful thing to see. Maybe not hear, but see. And he loved to see him self playing and marching in the reflection in the window (since it's dark out).

He does things a bit different that Owen. Either, he works at it and works at it and works at it and masters it - and then has to challenge himself by trying tricky things to make it more difficult. Or, he waits and waits and waits, and then just does it on the first try.

Now, knowing him, since he can "play" this trumpet, he'll try to figure out how to make is play a tune (it only plays one note). Or he'll do it while standing upside down, or jumping off the bed, or something.

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