Friday, February 23, 2007

New T-Shirts, Part II

Last Tuesday Braydon posted about the Diego and Thomas t-shirts I had bought for the boys (click here for that post). He ended his story about the shirts with this -- "However, all is not settled. When I was putting Owen to bed, he whispered to me: 'Papi, I want Diego shirt.'" For Braydon to end his post by saying, "All is not settled" was putting it mildly. Owen was in uttermost dispair over this whole thing. Seriously. His poor little heart was broken over this. What had started as a quick fun t-shirt purchase had seemingly turned into some sort of dramatic saga. What's a mom to do? As I saw it, here were my best options:

  1. Give the t-shirts away to the Goodwill, pretend the entire thing never happened, and just hope that the boys forget about the Diego shirt. {At first this seemed reasonable -- the t-shirts were, afterall, on sale for $3 each at the Toys R Us. However, I felt pretty sure that Kyle was not going to forget about that Diego shirt... which was confirmed since he asked to wear it again the next day... and the next, and the next, and the next.}
  2. Let Owen wear the Diego shirt, knowing full well this would just kill Kyle. {But, I had already told Kyle the Diego shirt was his shirt. And I'd just hate to not keep my word with something as monumentally huge as this Diego shirt was in his mind.}
  3. Let Kyle keep wearing the shirt and just force Owen to suffer through it. Perhaps this could be a "teachable moment"??? -- maybe Owen needs to learn that you can't always get want you want, life is not fair, stuff happens that just stinks sometimes, etc., etc., etc. Maybe he just has to learn to suffer through his jealousy and learn to live with it?? Maybe this is just one of those hard things about being twins that he's gotta learn to cope with??? {Ugh, this just didn't feel right. Yes, they are spoiled. But no, they aren't rotten -- at least not yet. Surely, someday soon I'm going to have to stop spoiling them like I do. But why do I have to start now????????? Note: please don't actually answer that question. I don't really want to know anybody's thoughts on that.}
  4. Buy another Diego shirt. {This seemed like by far the best option.}

O.k., so buy another shirt. I thought of going back to that Toys R Us -- but then remembered that there was only one of those darn Diego t-shirts in their size -- the one I had bought for Kyle. So, I did what I'd like to think many mothers in my specific situation would do (perhaps I'm in a totally delusionary state here -- please I ask you to not start sending me anonymous blogger hate mail telling me how wrong I am about this -- I'd like to remain in a delusionary state about this)... So, I began scouring the internet. You'd think it would be super easy to find a Diego t-shirt in size 4T, right?? I mean, Diego is, afterall one of the most popular toddler branding phenomenons out there right now, right?? Just a couple clicks and my credit card number, right?? Heck no. The thing is, there were particulars that needed to be in place for this purchase: it had to be a short sleeved t-shirt, preferably not in orange, the image of Diego had to be on the shirt, and... here's the real kicker: "Baby Jaguar" also had to be on the shirt. I spent far too long surfing the web... But in the end... I found it! I had it express shipped. It arrived a couple days ago. Braydon got it washed. And ta-da!!! The boys got to wear their Diego shirts! You would have thought they had died and gone to heaven (both of 'em -- Kyle included). So now, after $27 (ah! the irony! remember, the original shirt was on the clearance rack for $3), I end this post with the following -- which at least for the time being is a 100% accurate description of reality here in the Johnson-McCormick homestead. No motherly delusions or anything:

All is settled.

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Anonymous said...

Ok..thoughts on the tee shirts:
We can share. The day Kyle doesn't wear it, Owen can...the day Owen doesn't wear it Kyle can. "You can't always get what you want"! remember that song? Heather, I probably would have done the same thing! Just something to think about! Maybe you'll hate that I've figured out this responding to the blog thing!