Sunday, May 25, 2008

Status Update

Still no baby.
I was having mild contractions (not Braxton Hicks, but not severe/intense) every 15 minutes for most of yesterday afternoon and evening. We were trying not to get our hopes up. Good thing, because we went to bed last night... and then... nothing. As of today -- 10 days past due date.


Candis said...

How about a joke (from my 1st period class)? What did the Buddhist monk say to the hot dog vendor?


The kids thought it was funny--sigh.

Paige Mann said...

Ok. That's it. I've decided you are having a baby TODAY!!! :)

We are thinking about you ALL!

Anonymous said...

Oooh. The contractions are definitely a good sign. I am guessing that it will either happen today or tomorrow!!! Soooo excited. I am checking your blog at least twice per day!!

Are the boys just totally over the edge done with waiting? I can't imagine how impatient they are getting. Time passes much more slowly for kids, especially when they are waiting for something they are so excited about.

I remember when I was pregnant and overdue and one of my husband's friends said "Your wife is still pregnant? Hasn't she been pregnant now for about 2 years?"

It certainly felt like it. I can't imagine what waiting this long feels like for the boys.

The best of luck to you! Hopefully your labor goes quickly!!

Cindy said...

My goodness.....she must be really happy in there. I hope for moms sake she decided to make an entrance soon.
Good Luck!!

Chatter said...

I hope she makes her appearance soon. Checking throughout the day for updates. Thanks for keeping your readers posted. Hopefully K & O are hanging in there as well :)

Good luck!!
Chandra :)

Memphislis said...

Well are you beginning to think you aren't pregnant after all, and maybe you just have a writhing, kicking, cyst? Bless your heart!

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of your blog - and the boys - for almost a year now. Though I only lurk, I do check in as regularly as my schedule allows to hear what adventures the twins are having.

I was off on a business trip to Spain (I live in Germany), and one of my first moves upon return was to have a look to see if there was any news about Baby Sister.

She's in no hurry, now is she?!?!?!

All the best to you, and may Baby Sister make her (healthy and happy) appearance before Independence Day! ;o)

Karen Vitek said...

I am so hoping that you are having the baby as I am writing this Sunday evening. I was thinking about you and your family during church today so I hope that is a good sign - plus it was the most beautiful day today - a perfect day to make her entrance!!

us. said...

still praying!


Kristi said...

Let's hope that this Memorial Day quickly becomes your Labor Day!

Come on Baby Sister. You have two very anxious big brothers waiting for you to make your debut.

Life in Fitzville said...

We are celebrating 4 birthdays here in Fitzville today... maybe she wants to jump in here? It's a great day!