Thursday, April 09, 2009

2009 Easter Egg Decorating EVENT

It is always an Event.
It was an Event last year (click here), and it was an Event the year before (click here), and it probably always will be.
Egg Dye + K + O = CRAZY
crazy, crazy, crazy.
I will admit, it does get easier and less insane each year we do this.
But still, it is C-R-A-Z-Y.
Should have tried to get a video of it, but of course I was way too busy trying to do damage control.
All in all, as C-R-A-Z-Y as it is (think egg dye flying, dripping, puddling, splashing everywhere; think 2 sets of hands semi-permanently stained with egg dye; think uber-enthusiasm... like totally-into-enthusiasm-like-you-probably-would-not-believe-unless-you-could-witness-it-firsthand TIMES TWO; think insanity)... it is a darn good time and a bunch of good laughs too (amidst the mayhem and mega-challenge-to-your-quick-clean-up-reflexes). And this year, for the first time, the boys did blown eggs too (in addition to our traditional hard-boiled) and it was truly very impressive to us that they were able to not only blow the eggs out but that they were able to also not crush the egg shells in the process. Quite impressive given that this is K & O we're talking about. I can say for sure that they could not have done that a year ago.
Progress, progress.
Next year we'll add Little Miss to the mix. This year we just gave her the egg dye box to play with. She was more than satisfied with that.
The Egg Decorating Event. A tradition we love (and are also very glad to only do it once a year).


Lori said...

Beautiful!!! We are doing ours this weekend. I'm sure the kids will make just as much of a mess. It's just the way it goes --ha!! I think Ky & O did a fantastic job!


We love you!

MorMor said...

Lovely colors! What a fun mess. You are great parents Heather and Braydon!

Ani said...

We did ours last night - not all 12 survived :)

AT said...

fun pictures. happy easter to your beautiful family.